TitleElectoral System, Electoral Competition, and Electoral Strategies: A Case Study of Electoral Strategies of the 1995 Election for Legislator in the South Distict in Taipei City
作者Ching-hsin Yu
Abstract Abstract
This paper is a case study aimed at exploring the dynamic process of electoral campaign in the 1995 election for Legislator in the South District(2nd District)of Taipei City. After reviewing relevant literature, this paper constructs a research framework for the analysis of candidates campaign strategies. Several factors are of special importance that influencing the designing a candidates campaign strategies: electoral system, the political party, the candidate, the electorate, and the special events in election process. In addition, this paper also discusses the effects of “allocation of votes”, one feature under current single-nontransferable-vote(SNTV) system and suggests that the strategy of “allocation of votes” will not work without certain contributing factors. Among those contributing factors, the interaction among political party, candidates, and the electorate plays a key role facilitating one party's optimization of its share of seats corresponding to its popular votes received. 

: electoral system, electoral competition, electoral strategies, allocation of votes 
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