2016 Asian Election Studies International Conference

Poster:Post date:2016-11-01
Elections Study Center held 2016 Asian Election Studies International Conference (AES) on October 29th. Taiwan, Japan and South Korea held AES in turn since 2007. AES Invited excellent scholars from these partner countries. They offered their accounts for party System and parliamentary Election, controversies of legislative process,  and the new challenge of electoral Studies among other topics.
In Panel 1, Ryota Natori (Professor, Kansai University, Japan) presented ‘Split-Ticket Voting under the Two Ballot System’. Wook Kim (Professor, Pai Chai University, South Korea) presented ‘The 20th Parliamentary Election and the Emergence of a New Party System’. Yen-Pin Su (Assistant Professor, Chengchi University, Taiwan) presented ‘Electoral Institutions, State Subsidy Rules, and Party System in Taiwan: Evidence at the District Level’.
Panel 2 included Takeshi Iida (Associate Professor, Doshisha University, Japan) presented ‘Policy Preferences, Issue Relevance, and Government Support’. Jung-Sub Shin (Lecturer, Hanyang University, South Korea) and Young-Ho Cho (Assistant Professor, Sogang University, South Korea) presented ‘Retrospective Voting in Mixed Electoral Systems: Evidence from the 2016 Korean Legislative Election’.
In Panel 3, Masahiro Yamada (Professor, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan) and Yoshikuni Ono (Professor, Tohoku University, Japan) presented ‘Do Voters Prefer Gender Stereotypic Candidates? Evidence from a Conjoint Survey Experiment in Japan’. Woo-Jin Kang (Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea) presented ‘The 2016 Legislative Election and Party System Change in Korea-focusing on Sub-national Dimension’. Nathan F. Batto (Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan) and others presented ‘Public Opinion and Partisan Conflict in Extremis: How Parliamentary Brawls affect Legislative Approval’.

Vice President of National Chengchi University Shu-Heng Chen spoke to welcomed participants attend this Conference and NCCU had already prepared to back up. 

This conference’s paper presenters, commentators and hosts took photo together.
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