Public Opinion and Cross-Strait Relations Seminar Giving New Direction

Poster:Post date:2016-06-06

The ruling party had changed because of Taiwan 2016 Legislator and Presidential Election result, Elections and Citizen Participation Program(ETC) and Program in Asian Security Studies, Duke University held Public Opinion and Cross-Strait Relations Seminar on June 3rd.

Election Study Center said, although Cross-Strait Relations Studies already had lots of results. But according to new political situation, we need more discuss on modern Cross-Strait Relations, Geopolitics.

This Seminar discussed citizen’s thought on 1992 Consensus, Cross-Strait Relations, Cross-Strait economics & Trade, national identity… etc. Trying to provide new theory viewpoint and Cross-Strait policy advisement based on research.  

Duke University Professor Emerson Niou spoke to welcomed participants attend this seminar

Director of ESC Chia-hung Tsai opening

This Seminar’s paper presenters, commentators and hosts took photo together.

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