Who do voters hate/like in U.S. Presidential Primaries?

Poster:Hui-ling ChenPost date:2016-05-26

Director of ESC Chia-hung Tsai opening

 Douglas Rivers explained the Favorability ratings of Democratic candidate.

To continue non-random sampling topic on May 23, Election Study Center invited Douglas Rivers to deliver the second speech, “The U.S. Presidential Election: A backward and a peek ahead”.
Douglas Rivers pointed out that the 2016 U.S. Presidential Republican Primaries had many candidates. That would cause voters’ strategic voting behavior.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been national famous candidates, and their image in voters’ mind would be stable in very beginning. For example, Clinton’s favorability is half positive and half negative. Unknown candidate’s image would have significant changes along with media exposure. 

Douglas Rivers also found that people who support Trump are male, white, and low income. Both Trump and Bernie Sanders appeal to people who are not as better-off as others.

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