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Taiwan Independence vs. Unification with the Mainl

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Date 2024-07-08

Survey data is merged annually to generate data points, except those released in June; they come from surveys conducted between January and June. After results are weighted, data point is parsed out and added to the trend chart.
For data collection methodology, please see here.

When quoted, please state clearly in writing:
[sources: Election Study Center, National Chengchi University]

If you want to apply for the data of the "Latest Trend of Taiwanese Core Political Attitude", please sign and scan the application form directly to us by email.  The Excel file we provide is same with the figure shown on the website.  We are not able to provide raw survey data due to the restriction of the contract with our clients.

•Due to the weight of 2017 were adjusted, the 2017 data is updated. 

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