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Date 2014-01-23

1. The data and materials supplied by ESSDA need to be handled with care. They may not be redistributed or sold to other individuals or organizations by any means, e.g., copying, photocopying, reprinting, photographing, and reproducing.


2. Data was provided by ESSDA which are to be used solely for personal research, instruction, and policy suggestion. In addition, they are required to protect the confidentiality of respondents.


3. Data used for research should provide a list of data users if more than one.


4. The regulations and legal restrictions required by the donor need to be followed when utilizing the data.


5. Journal articles, conference papers, books, book chapters, and other publications or reports that employ data or other resources provided by ESSDA should cite the data source. Format of citation must at least include the following:


Data analyzed in this article [paper, book, chapter, report] were collected by the research project of ___________________(name of the project), and directed by ___________________(name(s) of the project director(s)). The Election Study Center of National Chengchi University is responsible for the data distribution. The author(s) appreciate the assistance in providing data by the institute and individual(s) aforementioned. The views expressed herein are the author's(s') own.


6. Applicants should provide ESSDA with the bibliographies of any publications which are based on the original studies released from ESSDA within one month of being published in order to make such resources available.


7. Individual who violates the regulations aforementioned are legally responsible for their actions. Furthermore, the ESC will permanently cancel his or her right to apply for ESSDA holdings. We will also announce the violator's name, organization, title, and violation in our publications and our home page at World Wide Web (http://esc.nccu.edu.tw/).

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