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Date 2020-09-28

Long Term Study of Electoral Behavior in the Taiwan Area 
     Through systematic long term observation of electoral behavior in the Taiwan Area, the ESC hopes to construct a database of Taiwan electoral data on an order similar to that which the University of Michigan has constructed on American elections, and then to develop an explanatory model of voting behavior in the Taiwan Area. 

Electoral Studies Library and Electoral Studies Database
     The ESC hopes to expand its current collection of election related items by collecting all relevant foreign and domestic works. In the future, the ESC hopes to establish a specialized Electoral Studies Library. At the same time, the ESC will continue to collect relevant computer data from both foreign and domestic sources to provide scholars with the best data possible and to encourage research on elections.

Academics Conferences
     The ESC plans to hold one or two academic conferences every year in order to provide scholars with a forum to exchange findings, encourage electoral research, and to present concrete proposals to the government.

Interdisciplinary Research and Multilateral Cooperation
     The ESC strives to be a point of intersection for scholars of various discipline and different institutions. The ESC is attempting to institute nationwide, systematic cooperation by aiding or executing various research projects concerning all aspects of electoral research.

International Research Cooperation
     After several years of hard effort, the ESC has established its reputation as a first rate center of research in Taiwan. In the future, the ESC will seek more opportunities to cooperate with international academic organizations.

Training Students and Scholars
     At present, the ESC's staff includes a director, an associate research fellow, an assistant research fellow, an executive secretary, a technician, four full time research assistants, and over ten part time research assistants. In the future, the ESC will gradually enlarge its staff, and at the same time encourage interested graduate students from all disciplines to join the ESC team and gain practical, firsthand experience in academic research.

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